What Lies Underfoot

One of my favorite elements in a room is a rug.  Bold and sleek or neutral and textured, there is an intangible change that happens in a room both accoustically and just in how it feels when a beautiful rug is underfoot.

Serratura. Designed by Piero Fornasetti for Roubini Rugs
Tai Ping Carpets
While I certainly appreciate the beauty of a well crafted floor, a room does not feel completly liveable without rugs to me.  I have been a fan of the bespoke rugs offered by The Rug Company for many years and continue to find great inspiration in their collection after first becoming aware of their product while living in Los Angeles.  In the living room shown below we engaged the atelier to produce an emerald green silk chettah motif rug originally designed by Diane Von Furstenburg as a runner and customized it into a full scale living room rug layered over wall to wall seagrass.  A bold decision but one that instantly energized this apartment’s living room.
Apartment Living Room with rug from The Rug Company
Interior Design:  Christopher Gaona, Inc.

Much is made of the design advise to select your rug before starting a project and build the palette from their.  While in many instances this is sound advise, I am not convinced that this is necessary.  In many cases you can make the rug the final accent to a room often times resulting in something totally unexpected.  When you build a room up from the rug the result is often a very prudent and safe room.

Interior Design: Christopher Gaona, Inc.
Rug:  The Rug Company

Other client’s I have had look to rugs as an investment.  A reputable dealer can assist a designer and client in sourcing a rug that is both appropriate visually and is an element that the client can purchase confidently knowing that with proper care the piece will appreciate in value.  This is definitely not always the case with other elements in the home.


Antique Caucasian rug anchoring entry of historical craftsman home.
Interior Design: Christopher Gaona, Inc.
Simple and crisp.  Wool sisal.
Interior Design: Christopher Gaona, Inc.

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