Trade Show Exhibition

For the new ownership of the California Gift Show the studio re imagined all aspects of the show encompassing over 200,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

We set about actuating a design that was more defined and sympathetic to a walking experience and tailored to the small scale goods being presented by the various categories of exhibitors.  Through the use of dark colors for the anchor walls and flooring, hanging pendants, temporary hard walls, and dramatic LED lighting elements, visual weight and a sense of permanence on a more intimate scale was achieved.

The re imagined registration space created a compelling branded experience highlighting the Urban Expositions brand while still maintaining the identity of this West Coast trend show.

The improved space plan allowed for maximum sell-able space and areas of rest throughout the show.  In addition, a redefined ease to the way finding and signage helps create a more comfortable and dynamic environment.