• Icon: Jean Prouve

    Jean Prouve is certainly a pioneer and icon that I draw great inspriation from. His designs speak to a work philosophy that includes knowledge of the materials at hand, a commitment to collaboration between artists and craftsmen, an attention to evolving technical developments.


    Prouve, a self taught architect and designer proved himself a versatile, ambitous  and whose varied career continues to inspire designers and whose designs evoke simplicity and elegance in a modern and accessible way.

     A recent reissue of some of his most iconic pieces authorized by the Prouve estate are available through Vitra.

    Fauteuil de Salon, Prouve RAW

    Standard Chair and Gueridon Table, Jean Prouve


    Tabouret Haut, 1942

    Gueridon Table

    Bicycle, Jean Prouve



  • Icon: Alberto Pinto

    Known for his sumptuous and harmonious interiors, Alberto Pinto is certainly at the top of my icon list.  A native of Morocco, studied at the l’ecole du Louvre and began his career photgraphing interiors.  With the trained eye of a photographer, he became further focused and informed through his travels leading to the exhuberantly eclectic interiors he continues to create along with his fifty five person Alberto Pinto Agency, established in Paris, France in 1968.

    In addition to beautiful interiors, Mr. Pinto has designed among other things, several lines of textiles for Pierre Frey, jewel like faucets for THG, silverware, china, the list goes on.
    The prolific Pinto among his many influences credits Luis Barragan, the Mexican architect and designer for his bold use of color and David Hicks, the English decorator and designer for his practical know how.  However, make no mistake, Alberto Pinto is a true original and whether he is designing an apartment, villa, palace, corporate interior, hotel, jet, yacht, china or fabrics the look is timeless, sophisticated and elegant.
    For more on the work of this remarkable designer visit http://www.albertopinto.com/
    Bye for now.
  • Icon: Frank Gehry

    “You’ve got to bumble forward into the unknown.”
    -Frank Gehry
    If ever there was a quote that summed up the feeling of designing, that is it.  One must be confident in one’s own talent, strengths, and weaknesses, but move forward fearless nonetheless.  For all of us who aspire to grow in the visual arts, losing the fear and coming to the realization that there are no rules, we look to icons like Gehry as a beacon.
    On this his 82nd birthday I thought I would  send out some eye candy of Mr. Gehry’s better known projects:
    Marques de Riscal Hotel
    Elciego, Spain


    Bilbao, Spain
    Walt Disney Concert Hall
    Los Angeles, California
    Fred and Ginger Building
    The Dancing House
    Prague, Czech Republic


    Love him or hate him, one thing is without question,  Frank Gehry has impacted an entire generation of architects and designers with his progressive, sweeping, epic designs that have stirred us, moved us, and caused us to stop and reassess the real meaning of architecture and furniture in our lives.  He has challenged our traditional notions of beauty and at the same time defined it.
    While I am sure he has many many more years of designing ahead of him, this gentleman sends him many happy birthday wishes.
    Never relent, never surrender, never compromise.
    Bye for now.