Singing In The Rain

As a native son of Southern California, the wet weather here in Northern California has certainly provided a change of pace not to mention required a change in wardrobe.  While not exactly Gene Kelly you can’t help but want to get outside and splash around a bit.

Gene Kelly

One of the triggers of inspiration for me is the natural world and it’s seasonal changes.  The colors and textures provided by mother nature along with seasonal fashion all arouse palettes and shapes for spaces in my mind.  One minute the sky is dark and gray, then calm, suddenly momentarily brilliant and blue.   The flair of a coat, the sheen on a pair of rubber boots.  Inspiration hides in plain sight.


San Francisco Bay
Artist: Joel Shapiro


Umbrella Stand Detail
Designer:  Oswaldo Borsani



Wallpaper:  Cole & Son
Woven Fabric: Pierre Frey
Hamish Bowles
Silk Moire Wallpaper:  Holland & Sherry
Racing Green Velvet: Holland & Sherry


Fabric:  Lee Jofa


Gilt Console Table
C. 1975
Courtesy:  1st Dibs


Brian Hirst
Platinum Votive Bowl
Courtesy: 1st Dibs


Le Grande Voliere Pendant Shade
Design:  Mathieu Challiere
Courtesy: The Conrad Shop


I’m leaving you tonight with a little more Gene Kelly.
Bye for now.