• Made to Order: Ottoman No. 74

    Inspired by a painting of Jospeh Albers, Homage to the Square: With Rays (59.160) | | (The Metropolitan Museum of Art)  I’ve recently completed a made to order commission of this rift white oak ottoman upholstered in a playful wool from  Casamance.




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  • The Goods: Oly Studio

    Hi friends. We have recently completed a bedroom installation that included this fantastic Oly Studio resin pendant light, and our excitement is literally bubbling over.  The Muriel Chandelier light fixture adds great drama to the bedroom lighting scheme, and casts a very warm golden glow.  You can see that we opted for a

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  • A Look Back

    Well the week is winding down and I am feeling a little nostalgic. I wanted to share with you some pictures my father sent to me recently of furniture my grandfathers workshop built circa 1940. Enrique Gaona was well noted in the state of Guanajuato as a designer and fabricator of finely carved furniture for the home. His pieces can still be found in the region. My grandfather was certainly a complicated man, a great designer but not a great businessman.

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  • Evolution Door

    I am always looking for unique ways to create the sense of movement from one room to another. Sure, doors do this and can be done in many interesting ways…portieres (drapes) can also be dramatic not to mention functional in various climates..wool in colder climates and shears in warmer climates. But this new design by Austrian artist Klemens Torggler does something altogether unique; door as kinetic sculpture. It really speaks to the idea of home as art.

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  • Architecture Now: NY Skyhouse

    Its Friday afternoon and wanted to share this amazing architectural space with you.  The emphasis on process and planning is something I can very much relate to, as my clients will tell you.  The planning, care and thought that goes into thinking about views, reflections, and the movement of light is the key to making a good project great.  Whether developing a large or small project you can never plan enough.  While spontaneity and the unexpected can be a delight in decoration it can be total disaster when dealing with interior architecture.  I hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.



    Bye for now.


  • In Process: San Francisco Apartment

    As many of you know my philosophy in design drives me and my collaborators to continually refine the process by which a project goes from concept to reality. In this way I find that there is more room to play with the fine details and more creative aspects of each project.

    Here are some images of a project we currently have under way in San Francisco.

    The apartment has wonderful light and a calming effect, but rather awkward rooms with varying ceiling heights and challenging vistas that catch the eye in uncomfortable ways as you move through the spaces.  Our scope, in addition to the decoration involves some interior architecture/design.  As you can see from some of the images we are correcting ceiling heights, editing cabinetry,and color correcting the flooring and walls.  This is the second collaboration I have with Feron Construction whose dedicated team is professional and detail oriented.

    One of the elements of this project that has been most fascinating is the introduction of a sophisticated lighting plan which will include when complete;  LED cove lighting by AION, 3″ LED down lights by WAC, 4″ adjustable art spots by HALO, and automated shading solutions by Lutron.  The lighting system will be controlled by Lutrons RadioRA 2 and feature three(3) conveniently located keypads and iOS control for tablet and smart phone integration.  We are lucky enough to be collaborating with the team over at City Lights and Aion both which have been incredibly supportive and also very professional.

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  • The Goods: Huddleson Linens

    I recently had the pleasure of catching up with Tim Gledhill, founder of Huddleson Linens.  In only a few years Tim has established himself as the go to resource for those in the know seeking table linens that are smart, sophisticated and playful.  Having previously been part of the talented creative team at The Rug Company, Tim’s varied inspiration comes from his far flung travels around the globe coupled with his keen sensibility to detail and editing.  With styles ranging from graphic modern, to sweet and fresh, and even sexy python prints you will surely see something that inspires you and will marvel your family and friends.


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  • The Goods: Light up your Life

    Nothing changes a room more than lighting.  Today the options are limitless and options for every budget can be found.  With the introduction of LED options, lighting can truly give design projects a modern edge without relying on the far too over used recessed can light.

    Here are some that I’ve recently been specifying that I think are fresh, referential, and of course energy efficient.

    Artemide LED Net Line 66-125
    Design: Michele De Lucchi and Alberto Nason

    Agnes Chandelier
    Design by Lindsey Adams Adelman, 2010.
    Made in New York by Roll & Hill.

    Halo Chandelier
    Design by Paul Loebach, 2011.
    Made in New York by Roll & Hill.

    Design: M Gus Design

  • Gentleman On The Go: Highlights from Maison&Objet and Paris Design Week

    Many of you have asked me what my favorite things where from this latest trip to Paris in September.  So I am finally sitting down to share the goodies.

    From Maison&Objet some of the trends I noticed where a continuation of the natural, honest, rustic materials we have come to see in past seasons with a particular focus on refining those materials and more introduction of brass, and warm metals.  That was clearly evident in the beautiful small goods of Belgium based designer Michael Verheyden ( whose understated chic items really captured the spirit of the show.

    Another Belgian standout was Sempre ( with its rustic collection of over scaled furniture that had a fresh point of view using reclaimed teak, teak branches, and aged oak.  For larger projects I liked that they were able to accommodate customization.    Perfect for country or beach.

    cto Lighting Ltd (

    cto lighting (

    Other notables were the JNL collection ( for it’s very sophisticated presentation that included a fully built showroom, absolutely well done space and the furniture was comfortable, well scaled, and eco-friendly fabrication.

     Among some of the Design Week highlights:

    New introductions from Ecart which I had not seen but most notably:

    Edition Ecart: Eric Jourdan

    Edition Ecart: Bruno Moinard

    But by far the most creatively energizing presentation was the Artcurial and AD Intérieurs 2012 Show.  Click on the image below to see the Vogue France imagery of the showcase featuring the work of a  talented group of designers including:  Jean Louis Deniot, Chahan Minassian, Bruno Moinard, Pierre Yovanovitch, and Joseph Dirand.  Click the image below to see the Vogue France post on the presentation.

    Artcurial et AD Interieurs 2012 Courtesy: Vogue France

    AD Interieurs/ Bains de Maharadjah / Joseph Dirand por Louis Vuitton

    AD Interieurs 2012/ Salon Ethnique de Jean Louis Denoit

    That’s it for today….more to come!


  • Icon: Jean Prouve

    Jean Prouve is certainly a pioneer and icon that I draw great inspriation from. His designs speak to a work philosophy that includes knowledge of the materials at hand, a commitment to collaboration between artists and craftsmen, an attention to evolving technical developments.


    Prouve, a self taught architect and designer proved himself a versatile, ambitous  and whose varied career continues to inspire designers and whose designs evoke simplicity and elegance in a modern and accessible way.

     A recent reissue of some of his most iconic pieces authorized by the Prouve estate are available through Vitra.

    Fauteuil de Salon, Prouve RAW

    Standard Chair and Gueridon Table, Jean Prouve


    Tabouret Haut, 1942

    Gueridon Table

    Bicycle, Jean Prouve