Hancock Park

This house was built in 1908 by Architect Sumner Hunt.  Built for an early California power baron, Henry O’Melveny, the architect joined favored elements of Craftsman and English Tudor styles, delivering a presence felt as both elegant and grand.

Our commission included the interior decoration of the home using an existing collection of art and period furnishings.  Through the introduction of relevant textiles, draperies, wallpapers, rugs and soft furnishings the result is a dynamic and fresh space that benefits from the synergy of the juxtaposition of the many periods represented in the furniture and art.  Facilitating the dialogue between the collection and architecture through shape and color has reinforced our belief that all beautiful objects can compliment each other with passionate editing.

We were also commissioned to re-design the master suite and provide a larger master closet and master bath.  The challenge was to work within the constraints of a home on the historical registry while providing the latest in modern conveniences.  Aesthetically we decided that all the decisions would be in keeping with the architecture to ensure a seamless transition between the new and the old.  In the bath, vintage hardware and lighting was sourced and the original claw foot tub was refurbished.  In the master closet and bedroom, the cabinetry and moulding design echoes those found in other parts of the home.