Corporate Lobby

In lead up to it’s 50th anniversary celebration, Merchandise Mart Properties commissioned a new design for the lobby of its design center property.  Given the deep history of the building in the Los Angeles area, the concept was guided by the idea that the lobby should reflect that history and be reminiscent of an urban hotel lobby.

The reception is anchored by a new 25′-0 reception desk and illuminated feature wall with digital information panels showcasing programming initiatives of the center.

The lobby was made intimate through the use of sheer partitions, lighting, and smaller seating groupings along the side colonnades.  The center colonnade by contrast was amplified through the repetition of the seating arrangement and two oversized custom light pendants.



“A refreshingly elegant foyer, the new L.A. Mart Design Center lobby is a showcase of design inspiration certain to engage Southern California’s most discriminating designers and their most discerning clients.”    -Interiors