A Look Back

Well the week is winding down and I am feeling a little nostalgic. I wanted to share with you some pictures my father sent to me recently of furniture my grandfathers workshop built circa 1940. Enrique Gaona was well noted in the state of Guanajuato as a designer and fabricator of finely carved furniture for the home. His pieces can still be found in the region. My grandfather was certainly a complicated man, a great designer but not a great businessman.

In his later years he would design pieces that had a very modern slant, in the manner of Paul Evans and the sort. You can imagine how lovely these pieces (in moderation) might be in the right context. I am particularly fond of the bed which I could imagine in a simple sun drenched room with crisp white linens.

As we deal more and more with logistics on projects, getting items from point A to point B and the ever increasing cost of those services, these pictures remind me that there was a time when furniture was made and sold regionally contributing to a great diversity in details and supporting artisans everywhere. Those are values which we should hold onto and think about before ordering pieces from across an ocean or continent.

Support your local artisans…you might be surprised how that will take your spaces in directions you never imagined.