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  • California Homes

    December 2012

  • Medical Center Guest Hotel

    Sharing our belief that an interior can be a healing space and guided by the Vincentian values of the Daughters of Charity the studio set about to develop a LEED compliant concept for the renovation of the 40 room Seton Guest Hotel that both respected the pious simplicity of the Daughter’s of Charity, while still making the guest rooms uplifting, relevant, and providing their guests all of today’s modern conveniences of home.

    The public spaces which included corridors, lobby, community room, and breakfast room were designed in a neutral calming palette, emphasizing clean lines with little unnecessary adornment.

    The guest rooms are outfitted with a new energy efficient LED lighting plan, convenience plugs, wifi, reading lights, and integrated wall mounted furnishings, making the rooms functional for extended stays.

    Among the soft furnishings improvements include:  blackout drapes, new bedding, sofa beds for accommodating additional family members.  All textiles, including many with Crypton coatings were specified with longevity and ease of care in mind.

    The Vincentian Values:   Respect, Compassionate Service, Simplicity, Advocacy for the Poor, Inventiveness to Infinity.

    Values supported by over 375 years of service and action.

    Completed: 2013

    Photo Credit:  Fotoworks/Benny Chan


  • Trade Show Exhibition

    For the new ownership of the California Gift Show the studio re imagined all aspects of the show encompassing over 200,000 square feet of exhibition space at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

    We set about actuating a design that was more defined and sympathetic to a walking experience and tailored to the small scale goods being presented by the various categories of exhibitors.  Through the use of dark colors for the anchor walls and flooring, hanging pendants, temporary hard walls, and dramatic LED lighting elements, visual weight and a sense of permanence on a more intimate scale was achieved.

    The re imagined registration space created a compelling branded experience highlighting the Urban Expositions brand while still maintaining the identity of this West Coast trend show.

    The improved space plan allowed for maximum sell-able space and areas of rest throughout the show.  In addition, a redefined ease to the way finding and signage helps create a more comfortable and dynamic environment.


  • In Process: San Francisco Apartment

    As many of you know my philosophy in design drives me and my collaborators to continually refine the process by which a project goes from concept to reality. In this way I find that there is more room to play with the fine details and more creative aspects of each project.

    Here are some images of a project we currently have under way in San Francisco.

    The apartment has wonderful light and a calming effect, but rather awkward rooms with varying ceiling heights and challenging vistas that catch the eye in uncomfortable ways as you move through the spaces.  Our scope, in addition to the decoration involves some interior architecture/design.  As you can see from some of the images we are correcting ceiling heights, editing cabinetry,and color correcting the flooring and walls.  This is the second collaboration I have with Feron Construction whose dedicated team is professional and detail oriented.

    One of the elements of this project that has been most fascinating is the introduction of a sophisticated lighting plan which will include when complete;  LED cove lighting by AION, 3″ LED down lights by WAC, 4″ adjustable art spots by HALO, and automated shading solutions by Lutron.  The lighting system will be controlled by Lutrons RadioRA 2 and feature three(3) conveniently located keypads and iOS control for tablet and smart phone integration.  We are lucky enough to be collaborating with the team over at City Lights and Aion both which have been incredibly supportive and also very professional.

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