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  • Caskets To Die For

    To quote Oscar Wilde, “Either that wallpaper goes, or I do.”  but inevitably we all go.  So in that spirit why not go in style.  I recently came across these real beauties by the Danish design firm Tommerup Kister from the Diamant collection designed by Jacob Jensen:

    This got me to thinking about what other options might be out there for that last stroll (or push) down the catwalk for the design conscious.  In Gana they seem to think that you should have one made up special order to honor your greatest passion.  From Louis Vuitton luggage to camera caskets for that uber photographer, skys the limit it seems.  A few of the more adventurous interpretations I have come across:

    I wonder how you work out the lead times on these things?

  • Inaugural Post

    So here we are friends.  I am going to try my hand at blogging as way to share what’s on my mind, organize all the wonderful notions I come across on the internet and never know what to do with, but also to stay more in touch with all my friends.  A way for us to share ideas and thoughts.  I hope those of you who find my meanderings interesting will follow me, join in on the discussion, and help me build something worthwhile.  I promise to take the bloggers oath of posting regularly, not rambling too much and at the very least sending out some interior/art/culture eye candy when I don’t have a story to tell.

    So welcome to Notions Of An East Bay Gentleman..I hope you find something here that will inspire you.


    Bye for now.